Online Virtual/Remote Lessons: For all students during the COVID-19 pandemic

In-person Lessons at the Studio: Anytime between Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, by appointment

In-home Lessons: Mon-Fri 7:30pm-9pm; Sunday 10am-6pm. (For in-home lessons, extra transportation fee will be calculated, in addition to the regular lesson tuition)





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"Pei-Hsin Kao has an exceptional, outstanding and distinctive personality. It is rare to find such original thinking, though organically connected to the deeply personal, with rich technical equipment. In an ironic way her gentle dynamic can ascend to a dramatic scale; never, however, without going beyond her chosen taste. Reading scores by this Pianist is extremely accurate and correct. This book, as an intricately sealed soul, will cause its reader think about many things. However, the book requires close attention."


-- Mikhail Kollontay