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Harmonic Piano Studio provides three options for the length of piano lessons: 30-minute, 45-minute, and 1-hour. The customary length of a piano lesson for young beginners is 30 minutes, especially for children 5 to 6 years old. Lesson times of 45 minutes and one hour are also available. The first lesson will be considered a trial lesson, serving as an interview and consultation.

Dated from March 4th, 2020, HPS has moved all the in-person lessons online due to the Coronavirus. In order to have effective lessons with the best learning experience, Dr. Kao has suggested students to prepare a laptop with built-in camera, a tablet with built-in camera, and a smartphone for the remote setting. It generally takes about 1-2 lessons for a student to get used to this new type of setting for online lessons.


In 2020, Coronavirus suddenly forced everyone to learn the new technology and use the digital equipments for the piano lessons. From time to time, many students actually like to have remote lessons since they do not need to take time to travel to the studio. Ihas been proven that the quality of the remote lessons at HPS is comparable to its in-person lessons. There is no slow down and delay between the teaching and learning when both parties have good/high-speed  internet. Students continue to have the remote piano lessons weekly, including the ones who take the lessons across the Pacific Ocean. 

There are three ways to schedule for the trial lesson: via phone, email, or the online booking system. Please note that the online booking system below only provides the general guidance to the possible schedule for the first lesson. This booking system does not reveal the studio schedule and is not used to charge the lesson fee. Therefore, please just leave the information by clicking the intended date and time, and then put your name and telephone number onto the message board. We will contact you soon to discuss the schedule, fee, and the location. Otherwise, please call to leave your voice message or write an email directly to schedule the piano lesson, thank you!

Online Booking System/線上預約系統
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