Regular Schedule for Lessons : Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, scheduled by appointment

(If the client requests the home lessons, extra transportation fee will be calculated in addition to the piano lesson tuition. With the extra transportation fee, it is then possible to access the lessons on Mon-Sat 7pm-9pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm)





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 Piano Art 

Generally known as the king of instruments, the Piano can easily imitate the sound of all other instruments including the human voice. It is not surprising to see that all serious musicians are required to learn piano as the necessary foundation on which to build musical language, but as the primary instrument to the musical world.

 At HPS, We Talk About ... 

Pitch and Notation


Style and Expression


History and Culture


 Playing Piano 

Playing piano is not only a life-long skill to possess, it is a cultural heritage and part of a comprehensive education that gives enjoyment, confidence, and perspective. At Harmonic Piano Studio, students will explore the rich abundance of the long history of musical art through acquiring mastery of the piano.


Our lessons focus on technical development through fostering self-discipline and growing musicianship. Using these and repertoire development and musical aesthetics, our goal is to promote a positive attitude towards all the arts, as well as life itself.