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HARMONIC PIANO STUDIO offers the best professional learning experience with pianos at different levels. In order to advance on the path of playing piano well, it is mandatory to have a piano with a quiet place in your home environment. 


If you need help choosing the appropriate piano for your home, please discuss this with Dr. Kao. 



Students will normally take piano lessons once per week. It is possible to have lessons more than once per week.


The normal length of a piano lesson is 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour.


A student’s progress will depend on a combination of aptitude, internally established goals, and regular and consistent practice. Everyone is different.


At each lesson, the student will be expected to bring their lesson books and be prepared to demonstrate the work they have applied to their assignments. Any missed lesson will be noted as a no-show with no refund. With advance notice, make-up lessons can be arranged for the following reasons: student illness or family emergency. For illness, please call as early in the day as possible. Requests for make-up lessons for personal reasons should be avoided or prearranged as soon as possible to make the best possible use of rescheduled lesson time. For non-illness reasons, it is possible to schedule make-up lessons but with no guarantee. Thanks for your corporation.


"Practice makes perfect," as well as builds smart thinking. Piano practice is not much different from athletic training, as it involves training specific muscles to do specific things. Also, as in athletics, a given amount of practice may yield different result according to the individual's aptitude and natural talent.

For young students, parental support and encouragement is crucial in the development of the child’s piano abilities.

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